Orbis vs Durango

I’m a self proclaimed Sony fan. I believe that the Playstation 3 is vastly superior to the Xbox 360 for a number of reasons that I really don’t feel like going into. We have seen a lot of rumors about next-gen consoles in the past few months. Some of those rumors are exciting, others, not so much,

It looks like Microsoft will be pushing the Kinect (or whatever the Kinect’s sucessor will be called), along with the gimmicky “Illumiroom.” Microsoft also appears to be pushing its touch-friendly OS, Windows 8, and judging by how much its layout mirrors that of the new Xbox Dashboard, they will be putting something similar in Durango. This, combined with the possibility that it will require an internet connection, makes Durango horribly unappealing. It looks like a gimmick focused machine that is forgetting that many of us just want to sit on the couch, look at our TV, and play a game (even if our internet goes out for a few hours).

We know that the new Xbox is going to be incredibly powerful, but that is to be expected. Maybe this will change once it is formally announced, but I see nothing about it that makes me want it over the new Playstation.

Sony appears to be paying attention to what its customers want. They screwed things up with the PS3, but it looks like they have learned their lesson. They aren’t going to price themselves out of the market like they did in 2011, they have realized that Move is a niche product, and they are (supposedly) adding features that the average player will use. A touch-pad on the controller might be a bit unnecessary, but it could open up some possibilities. What really excites me is the rumor that it will record the last fifteen minutes of gameplay and will feature a share button. We all love to show off, and, as long as saving all of that gameplay is fairly easy, this will be a really popular feature. Developers are even talking about how it is easier to develop for the new Playstation than the new Xbox (I wonder how Bethesda feels about it).

If the two systems are going to come to retail resembling what we have seen so far, it is difficult to see why someone would choose the Durango over the Orbis.

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