Machinima and Gamestop

It’s a blog, I’m allowed to rant nonsensically.

What a load in insensitive, ignorant crap. This guy obviously has no real sense of what it is like to actually have to work. He also fails to understand that Gamestop is a company. You know, that thing where a bunch of people work together and try to make a profit? I’ve met some really bad Gamestop employees in my year and a half there, but for the most part, we are a nice bunch of people who try to help our customers. The thing is, in order to keep the business we are a part of alive, we have to piss some people off. Usually this involves not giving a good enough trade value for their games. By “good enough”, I mean, not exactly what they paid for it. They seem to have no grasp of the idea of depreciation. Once you buy the game, play it, and handle it with your filthy fingers, it isn’t worth as much. They also can’t grasp that while they are guaranteed to get something for the game, Gamestop isn’t. Stores have dozens of copies of Call of Duty and sports games from three years ago – games that no one really wants. They just sit there, take up space, and cost the company money. Gamestop offers you money, or other games, for your game that you apparently don’t even want any more (you’re selling it), and if you don’t think you are getting enough for it, stop getting mad and calling us corporate evildoers. Go try to sell that game elsewhere, and when you realize that it isn’t as easy as you thought to sell your used game for exactly what you paid for it two years ago, come back to us and get your ten bucks.

This guy can’t even get through his apology to all the people who will lose their jobs without saying “fuck Gamestop.” He doesn’t just bash a company that does nothing more than try to make a profit (is that evil now? I didn’t get the memo), but he does it in a vulgar and unintelligent way. Machinima, when you fire this guy, I’ll come back to your site. I’m not saying fire him because he is a jerk – people can be jerks. I have no problem with that. Fire him because, if his work is all at this level, he provides no real news value to your site. He claims to be providing entertainment news, but all I see is ignorant, misplaced angst.

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