Playstation 4 announcement?

I might be jumping the gun here, but after what just got posted here, I think that Sony might have just done something brilliant. Earlier this month, Sony CEO, Kazuo Hirai said that Sony would wait and let Microsoft announce their system first. Their reasoning was that they did not want to allow Microsoft to adjust their console after viewing the features of the new Playstation. Many, myself included, thought that this was a futile effort. We know that both systems are close to, if not finished already, so the likelihood of change is minimal at most. After seeing all the Facebook and Twitter posts about “See the future”, and the video that obviously teases a major announcement about the Playstation coming on February 20th.

Hirai bluffed. Sony knows that their failure to launch timely killed their sales, especially in the U.S. Hirai’s comment was an attempt to lull Microsoft into complacency. He wanted them to take their time, and now Sony is going to swoop in, raise a ton of PS3 hype before Microsoft has anything prepared. Sony is playing dirty, doing everything they can to put as much of the spotlight as they can on themselves. If the announcement in 3 weeks really is the new Playstation (What else could it be?), then Sony will be the first to announce. Knowing Sony, it will be a more powerful system than the new Xbox, and if they learned their lesson they will release by September, and for less than $400. If Sony is really lucky, this rumor will be true.

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