Oh Rockstar, silly Rockstar.

I had to go around my store today and cover up about a dozen “SPRING 2013″s with “September 17th”s. Bioshock has done it, Splinter Cell has done it, but Rockstar, you are not allowed to push your games back. It has been far too long since a Grand Theft Auto game, and people were growing impatient even before Gamestop started to take pre-orders. Now that you have filled stores all across the country with posters that say “Spring 2013”, the anticipation has only been raised. I will be fine, I have so many other games coming out between now and September, but there are dozens of customers of my store alone who are looking forward to nothing but GTAV. You have just royally pissed them all off.

The worst part about it is, you will not suffer financially for this at all. You will have hundreds of angry bloggers, get swarmed by e-mail complaints, and maybe receive a nasty phone call or two. I will also get a ton of flak for your idiotic choice, seeing as how I will be the one to break this news to many of your customers. But despite all of our anger at you, we will purchase your product, we will play it to death, and we will love it (or else).

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