Sly Cooper Thieves in Time: Demo Impressions

I am a huge Sly Cooper fan. In fact, I might go so far as to say that he is my favorite character from any video game ever. When I heard about the new Thieves in Time game, I was over the moon. Naturally, when the demo came out, I had to play it. The demo played wonderfully, and managed to feel modern, despite the similarity to previous entries to the franchise. It allowed me to play as all three members of The Cooper Gang, and each of them played just like in Sly 3. The game looked good, although some of the models could have been smoother, especially for a title of this generation. It was a short demo, but from what it showed me, I am very excited to pick the full game up on the 5th, especially considering the recently announced $20 price drop. For those of us who enjoyed Sly’s adventures on the PS2, or for kids looking for a cartoony but challenging adventure on the PS3, this game looks to be a perfect choice.


The demo is available for download on the PSN right now!

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