Just a thought I had last night while playing Team Fortress 2

For those of you who don’t know what Team Fortress 2 is, first of all, I’m sorry. Essentially it is a game in which two teams of mildly cartoon-like characters shoot, blow up, and set each other on fire. It is a first person shooter that is available for free on Steam. I was playing as the Sniper class, and making generous use of the chat feature, the best part of which is that I am not only able to communicate with my team, but also with the opposing team. As usual, there were some rivalries building. What I found interesting is that even while in direct competition with one another, we were being friendly and respectful. I was part of a community of players, divided into two teams, pit against one another in a violent manner, but there was no animosity. In fact, I was making friends with my opponents that I was interacting with (read:killing and getting killed by) the most. I am constantly seeing arguments that video games are making us more violent, but what I saw last night was a group of people, who were all aware that what they were doing was playing a game, who were able to separate the violence of the game from reality. Games are just that, games. If a player is violent outside of the game, then it is the fault of the player. I have no doubt that some of the things in the game (such as what happens when a Demoman has his way) are not appropriate for children, but for a group of mature players, the game was nothing but fun. Just a thought.

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One Response to Just a thought I had last night while playing Team Fortress 2

  1. Dave Higgins says:

    There are also studies that show simulated violence actually makes some people less likely to be violent in real life.

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