2013 Predictions

2013 is going to be an interesting year for the industry, no one is doubting that. The successors to the 360 and PS3 are almost certainly coming, and we are seeing hints of things that could change the industry pretty drastically. Here are a few predictions for 2013.


The PS3’s and 360’s successors will be announced a month or less before E3, both priced between $350 and $500.


Battlefield 4, Halo 5 and Call of Duty (insert subtitle here) will dominate the holiday sales, but Call of Duty will be less dominant than ever.


Valve will announce Half-Life 3 by August, with a November release date, and demo it on their “Steambox”. It will not be on consoles until 2014, if at all.


Dragon Age 3 will flop.


The PSVita will have huge amounts of cross compatibility with the Playstation 4.


Kinect 2.0 will flop.


Sony will acquire the bulk of THQ’s assets.


Sony will have new exclusive launch franchises from Naughty Dog(an improved version of The Last of Us), Sucker Punch, and Insomniac.


Microsoft will focus on hardware upgrades(Kinect, Illumiroom) and the cloud, and will suffer for it.


The Wii U will get a Smash Bros., a Zelda, and a Mario Kart. Millions will buy the system just for one of these games.


I’m going to keep track of these predictions, and at the end of the year, reward myself for every one that I get correct. Does anyone think I am an idiot, a genius, or have something to add?

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