Halo 4 Reviews are in!



The Escapist-80

Destructiod, Joystiq, Mondoxbox, Machinima, NZGamer, Game Revolution, and Gaming Age- 100.

This is insanity. My previous, Game of the Year predictions post could be totally off. If 343 has succeeded as much as these reviews say, Halo could take the top spot. I’m not exactly happy that the inferior console’s flagship is sailing away into the sunset with all of the glory, but Halo 4 looks like it can bring back the insane fun that Halo 3 brought. It has armor abilities, those accursed annoyances from Reach, but with a universal sprint option and armor abilities that look less game breaking than Reach’s, I might be able to forgive that. I’m sad to say it, and so is my wallet, but I believe that I have to set myself up with a 360 and a copy of the game. Xbox Live, The Mcgrabbin is coming back, get your Battle Rifles cleaned, reloaded, and ready.

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  1. Yeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssss.
    I am Lindsey, and I approve this blog post.

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