Medal of Honor: Warfighter- Why no reviews?

It is a common practice among video game developers to send the big review sites copies of their upcoming game before it comes out. This is of great benefit for everyone involved, as long as the game is good. The developers get hype for the game right before it comes out, consumers get informed about the product they plan to purchase, and review sites get a massive amount of traffic. This is why I am so disturbed that MoH: Warfighter has no reviews up yet.

I have played it, mostly online, and I love it. Admittedly, it is a lot more fun when I can get the chat system to work, but I have a feeling that is more down to user error than anything else. The game is glitchy, and probably not ready for market yet. I don’t blame the developers for this flaw, I blame EA. The publishing giant is desperate to take down Call of Duty and get a grasp on the first-person-shooter market. In order to get a big holiday shooter to sell at all, it has to be before Call of Duty. If they were interested in making a quality game then MoH would not release fro another month. Because of this marketing ploy consumers have to deal with annoyance such as day one patches, with more sure to follow, and a lack of knowledge on the game before it comes out.

To send review copies out before the release would mean sending an unpatched, broken game to review sites. This would mean the game would get smashed in reviews. Instead of waiting to send out a quality game, EA is relying on hype to sell a broken game. Their mistake is that the most important part of that hype. Reviews. Consumers want to know what they are buying, and no commercials or ad campaigns will change that.

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