My 2012 Game of the year guesses

Starting around the beginning of December, we will have review sites declaring a game of the year. There will almost certainly be more than one game that receives the honor, but the most likely candidates are these.

Mass Effect 3- This is one of the best games released this year, despite all of the complaints about the unhappy ending.

Max Payne 3- For some unknown reason people liked this game, a lot. Does R* have a hypnotist working for them?

Journey- Anyone who has played this, or knows someone who has played it, knows why this game is on the list.

Borderlands 2- Incredibly fun gameplay, a great and engaging story, more guns than the entire U.S. Military, need I say more?

Dishonored- This is more of a hope than a guess, but if this game is done correctly, and lives up to what I expect it to be, Dishonored will be fantastic.

Assassin’s Creed III- I’ve never played a game series that was more fun, and I think that the confusing story will finally be explained. Just play it, you’ll understand.

These are my guesses, feel free to correct me or tell me which one you think will be your game of the year.

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One Response to My 2012 Game of the year guesses

  1. the best says:

    You missed dat 2k13..

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