My Black Ops 2 Classes

I’m still using work in progress stuff from the Call of Duty wiki, but this is what my two main classes will look like. Some of the stuff is new, so I have provided links to everything’s page on the wiki. Black Ops 2 uses a new system for custom classes, the “Pick Ten” system. This gives you a ton of customization options and lets you get really flexible and creative.


Primary Weapon: (1)Skorpion EVO III with (2)Suppressor and (3)Fast Mag

Secondary Weapon: (4)FHJ-18 AA

Tactical: (5)Black Hat PDA, (6) EMP grenade

Perk 1: (7) Blind Eye

Perk 2: (8) Scavenger

Perk 3: (9) Engineer

Wildcard: (10)Tactician

Scorestreaks: Counter UAV, Guardian, EMP System

This class is all about keeping the enemy blind and without air support. Everything from my secondary weapon and grenades to my kill streaks is designed to jam radar and keep their air and ground support suppressed. I am not the best shot in the world, so I play to support my team, this class is one of the best ways to do so, it opens up the skies for our U.A.V.s and air support, and stops the rest of the team from worrying about getting taken out from above.


Primary Weapon: (1)Skorpion EVO III with (2)Millimeter Scanner and (3) Suppressor

Lethal Grenade: (4) Bouncing Betty

Tactical Grenade: (5) Sensor Grenade

Perk 1: (6)Hardline

Perk 2: (7)Hard Wired

Perk 3: (8,9)Engineer, Awareness

Wildcard: (10) Perk 3 Greed

Scorestreaks: UAV, A.G.R., Orbital V.S.A.T 

This class is designed to give my team the advantage by constantly providing intel on enemy locations. I have a rather nice headset, so that in conjunction with awareness will give me a massive advantage in tight city combat, and with the Millimeter Scanner, campers will also have difficulty taking me by surprise. To excel as this class I really have to communicate with my team, providing enemy locations with my scorestreaks, but also via voice chat.

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