Why we need a new generation of consoles

It is the 6th year of this console cycle, and things are looking grim for Sony and Microsoft. E3 was a mix of sequels and gimmicks(Smart Glass, really Microsoft?), and the only thing that really stood out to me was Watch Dogs (I really think this game is going to be incredible, I’ll shut up about it now).

Microsoft is flaunting Kinect and Smart Glass as if they will revolutionize your home(not going to happen), and Sony is just throwing old exclusives (here and here), or the developers of old exclusives at us(here and here), and worse, they are still trying to make it seem like Move is a good idea. I sincerely hope that the lack of creativity we are seeing from our hardware developers is a sign that they are too focused on a much bigger project than tablet integration.

When there is only one major title that isn’t a sequel, reboot, or collection left to be released this year, and it is being released by a publisher that has only three games on its resume, things need to change.

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