The 4 upcoming games with the greatest potential

Watch Dogs- The E3 demo of this game enthralled me. I saw so many features that made me want to play it, to explore it, to get lost in it. IGN called Ubisoft the “Winner of E3” because of this game. In a world of sequels (something Ubisoft is quite aware of), this game gave us the first glimpse of what our developers are cooking. The interaction with the fully open world is incredible, and the graphics were the best I have ever seen, and the tease at the end for the multiplayer component made me swoon. The best thing about this game is that we have no clue what is really going on. All that we know is that it is a new IP from Ubisoft, it is in the near future, and that it is an open world espionage game that gives the player access to a network of computers that run the city and track everything that goes on within it. What we saw at E3 looked like a great game, but it could end up being a redefining experience for fans of the open world, espionage, or action  genres.

Star Wars 1313- The Star Wars universe is so rich, so much more than the Skywalkers and the Sith. It is the most well known and fleshed out sci-fi universe that exists(Sherpard fans, shut up). There are really no limits to what can be done with the game. We have seen epic, galaxy shaping lightsaber duels and massive space battles, but this game promises a much seedier side to Star Wars. I want a game that has characters that don’t know what a Jedi is, where we see cults make use of the force, and where lightsabers are used to hack debtors to pieces. Star Wars 1313 will bring us into a part of an already established universe and change the way we think about it, unless Lucas screws it up.

Beyond: Two Souls- This game has the potential to win an Oscar. Heavy Rain was a huge step in the cinematic direction for video games, but it didn’t receive the publicity or attention that it deserved. Two Souls has a well known actor, Ellen Page, starring in it, and with her face at the forefront, this game might just gather enough support and attention to be noticed by entities outside of the world of video games. For years there has been a movement that pushes the idea of video games being an art form, and this could be the game that they use as proof of that claim.

Call of Duty Black Ops II- Call of Duty is getting stale. This game is actually Call of Duty 10, and the reason this game is on this list is because it could be the last Call of Duty. As excited as I am to play a whole new zombie mode, I want this to be the end for Call of Duty. I want Activision to pour the money they would use for the 11th CoD into a half a dozen new franchises. The game could be a massive hit, in fact, I would be less surprised than most if it won game of the year, but I believe its biggest potential comes from its possible failure. 

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