Resident Evil Demo Review

I am not a review site. I am here to inform you about upcoming titles and other interesting things going on in the video game industry. Today, I am reviewing the demo for Resident Evil 6 on PSN.

Resident Evil games should have three main components. So this is how I will be grading the demo.

1. “Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t!” moments throughout the game

2. The ever present fear of running out of ammunition and green herbs

3. The occasional “What the f*** moment

The demo has three campaigns you can enter. One with Leon Kennedy, the would be demon killer from Resident Evil 4. The second features Chris Redfield, the bane of any zombies in Africa. The third, and hardest, belongs to Jake Muller, the punch-ready son of our beloved Wesker. I played all three, and aside from the slightly clunky controls (which only added to my “Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t!” moments), I am having trouble finding fault with them.

Leon Kennedy

Leon’s Campaign felt similar to his escapades in Spain. He only had his 9mm and combat knife, but the number of enemies scaled well to his amount of firepower. Helena Harper is Leon’s partner this time around. The campaign opens with the President attacking her, and Leon, after the obligatory “Don’t make me do this,” shooting him in the head. This campaign was obviously meant to be the first one we play, it has the smallest amount of enemies, is by far the easiest, and only has one moment when I felt my pulse quicken. It initiated the story very well and played a lot like RE4, but with co-op and the ability to move (slowly) and shoot.

“Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t!” moments- 6/10 There was only one, but it was intense.

The ever present fear of running out of ammunition and green herbs- 7/10 Near the end of the demo I was melee attacking a lot and running past enemies.

The “What the f*** moment- 4/10 It wasn’t a game-play scene, but right at the end of the demo there was a moment that made me jump.

Chris Redfield

Chris’s campaign began a lot more like a third person shooter than survival horror. The enemies had guns, there were RPG’s and turrets and I had an assault rifle. After mowing down a dozen or so of the infected and one annoying sniper, I realized that while I was shooting a fully automatic assault rifle, 90% of the ammo I picked up was for my 9mm pistol. At this point I switched to my pistol, and although the loss of firepower made things trickier, I worked my way through the level without too much difficulty or dwindling ammo count.

Then I had my first “What the f***” moment of the demo. It was a dramatically introduced boss, and I was very thankful for my assault rifle and large ammo count. I was killed, rather gruesomely during the fight, but   after re-spawning I found a better position and took out the boss. At this point in the demo, I was very conscious of the two clips of assault rifle bullets (down from twelve) and relied solely on my pistol. The C-virus allows for post-traumatic mutations. These mutations are much stronger than their run-of-the-mill zombie cousins. Soon I was melee attacking every standard enemy and saving my ammo for the mutants.

The final scene had me providing cover while a squad mate placed charges for our escape. I spent the majority of the time searching for ammo so that I could shoot the RPG wielding infected that were on an inaccessible ledge. My heart was pounding, I was furious at myself for wasting my ammunition, and it was awesome.

1. “Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t!” moments throughout the game-9/10 This demo really had me on my toes, constantly.

2. The ever present fear of running out of ammunition and green herbs- 9/10 I swear there were only enough bullets for half the zombies I faced in that demo

3. The “What the f*** moment- 10/10 Dramatically introduced boss fight, in a Resident Evil game, that took me 8 clips of assault rifle ammo to kill, and I had to re-position myself after getting gruesomely killed. Need I say more?

Jake Muller

Jake’s demo was by far the hardest. He is heavily reliant on melee attacking (it is an equip-able weapon), and as such, suffers from a serious lack of ammunition. His demo was also the one that featured the most mutating enemies (I’m guessing this is because it took place at night). These enemies are, of course, the most difficult to get close to and melee.  I struggled through this one, and enjoyed it the least, but it was still a fantastic demo.

1. “Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t!” moments throughout the game-10/10 I may have been saying that to myself the entire time.

2. The ever present fear of running out of ammunition and green herbs- 10/10 Three out of four weapons ran out of ammo on me.

3. The “What the f*** moment- 6/10- It was the usual tactic of showing off a bad-ass boss at the end of the demo, then cutting it off. I wanted to kill it.


All three demo’s were great, and I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a scare or even just a challenging game. The very visible and graphic reactions to bullets that the infected feature is something that we all really needed from a Resident Evil release this year. My final score, for the whole game is below:

1. “Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t. Oh sh*t!” moments throughout the game- 8/10 some moments are too easy, but I have a feeling they are there to lull you into a false sense of security.

2. The ever present fear of running out of ammunition and green herbs-10/10 It was a perfect balance of limiting ammo without making it seem unfair.

3. The occasional “What the f*** moment- 7/10 The game kept me on my toes the whole time and had had me gaping in awe when it wanted to, but I didn’t see anything that was really fantastic. Yet.

4. Overall- 9/10 I found the demo to be a great showcase of the new features and stories in the game. It left me wanting more, which is always a good thing for a demo to do, especially a pre-release demo. I highly recommend playing it for yourself, but if you want to take my word for it, go pre-order the game right now.

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