The Borderlands 2 Launch Trailer

With 15 hours and 40 minutes until the U.S. East coast release of Borderlands 2, Gearbox has just posted the launch trailer for the game.

I was having trouble deciding between the sniping and bloodshed trees for Zer0, then I watched that trailer.

While everyone else is looking at that massive crowd of enemies and draws their guns, Zer0 pulls out his sword, stands there, and takes a moment to look like the most bad ass vault hunter to ever step forth on Pandora. Then he proceeds to prove that fact.

There are so many cool moments in this trailer that I cannot link them all. We have the fist bump between Lilith and Maya, every second that Zer0 is in, and the moment when we see all eight vault hunters face a wave of enemies made me swoon a little. I’m also very excited to face that rock lava monster thing. It’s looking like a much better boss than the squid thing from the end of the first game. I doubt we’ll have any female anatomy jokes about this bad ass.

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