The Season of Midnight Releases has officially begun

Last night I found myself playing Madden NFL 2013 against a mall security guard about two hours before the game’s official release date. We couldn’t figure out how to kick off the ball (we pressed ALL of the buttons, nothing worked), and eventually the game did it for us automatically. We felt rather stupid, but continued to play, until we realized that 90% of what was happening was automated. Needless to say, we aren’t football game fans.

The midnight release for Guild Wars 2, Madden NFL 2013, and the various Sony collections that were street dated for today, August 28th 2012 was a small affair, with no more than 30 people in attendance, but the store at which I attended the event was very small one. Most were there to pick up their copy of the new Madden game, but a few were there for Guild Wars 2. No one showed up at midnight to pick up their collections of games that have been out, in many cases, for years. And although this was a small event, it marks the beginning of something that hardcore gamers all over the country will lose sleep over.

Midnight Releases give people a chance to play games hours before their friends. It also gives us an excuse to give up sleep for one night, choosing to spend those hours in game rather than wasting our time sleeping. We can look forward to many midnight releases this holiday season, all of them will be great fun, and most retailers have some kind of event planned.

We can look forward to quite a few Midnight events this year, most likely on the following dates:

9/17- Borderlands 2

9/24-WoW: Mists of Pandaria and Fifa 13

10/1- Resident Evil 6

10/22- Medal of Honor: Warfighter

10/29-Assassin’s Creed 3

11/5- Halo 4

11/12- Black Ops 2

There are other games that will be coming out at midnight during those events, and not everywhere will be open until midnight for all of them. Call your local Gamestop, Best Buy, or other retailer for full information.

Also. Caffeine. Lots of Caffeine.

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