Borderlands 2 Mecromancer Details

As you should already know, Borderlands 2 is releasing in just over a month. For those of you who don’t know what Borderlands is, watch this (Warning, you will see cartoon dismemberment).

As you saw in the above video, if you actually clicked on the link, there are four characters in Borderlands. There is The Hunter, Soldier, Berserker, and Siren. Borderlands 2 Brings a slight change to the names of three of these classes, but core game-play style will still be the same. More shoot and loot co op action and loads of WUB-WUB, which is all cause for celebration.

Then we hear of the Mecromancer Class. A DLC character that will release somewhere around two months after the game, or maybe even sooner. She is free for those of us who pre-order and a paid DLC for the rest of Pandora. She is going to be able to make bullets ricochet at her targets (low accuracy and the enemy in cover, no problem) and has a follower called Deathtrap that robot slaps her victims to death.

I for one am thoroughly excited to get my hands on the Assassin character, Zero, but as I did with Borderlands 1, I will give every character a chance.

Then I will play as Zero, he has a sword AND sniper rifles!!!!!


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